About ICIS

Vision and Mission Statement

Quality information for quality of life; we believe that relevant and impartial information about support empowers people to make informed choices to better their lives.

Our mission is to enable people of all circumstances and ages in West Sussex to improve their wellbeing, health and independence, and to better cope when life is difficult. We do this by providing easy and ready access to information about care, advice and other support services. To this end, we endeavour to collect, maintain, disseminate and promote access to such information to the fullest extent possible.

Our services

  • Wellbeing and Community Information Directory (free to user)
  • Freephone Enquiry Service (free to user)
  • Quarterly newsletter (free to download)
  • ICISdirect (Directory provided to organisations on subscription)
  • Employee Assistance Directory (provided to organisations on subscription)
  • AskDES – second hand disability equipment service
  • Autism Aware Card – free to West Sussex residents
  • Funds4me – £6 for individual funding research
  • RADAR keys – sell keys and West Sussex accessible toilet guide
  • Develop customised directories of services
  • Promote West Sussex organisations through range of online advertising solutions
  • Create websites for community services and small enterprises for a single fee